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True North oversees several scholarships: the Tom Hale Memorial Scholarship, the Skyler Kelly Memorial Scholarship, the William R. Garing Memorial Scholarship, the Food Service Industry Scholarship and the True North Scholarship. Please visit the individual scholarship pages to find out more information on their history, application process, deadlines and how to donate. 

True Norths 2023 scholarships.jpg

Scholarships are an important piece in the college application process and we strongly encourage students and parents to research the many scholarships available. Our College Corner page has a wealth of information related to the college-going process. There are college checklists, important dates, web resources, terminology and more! Please contact us if you have questions about donating to the above mentioned scholarships or are interested in applying. 

You can also visit the Denver Scholarship Foundation website for a comprehensive list of national and state scholarships for students seeking a college education. We have compiled scholarships from this list related to desired major and gpa requirements. Click here to see our adapted scholarship list. 

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