Inclusion is the act or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. Here at TRUE NORTH, we believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and discover their potential. We believe in saying 'yes' to include all students in our program! In fact, we have our very own inclusion specialist, Bella

Bella's Bio:

Bella has never met a stranger. She is the epitome of inclusion. She shows us that there is no obstacle, no barrier, that we can't overcome! Bella has been a part of the True North family since its beginnings, 5 years ago. She's spent countless hours working with students, encouraging our youth and promoting True North.  Bella is an example to all and we love that she is a part of our team! If you see her on the street or in your school, make sure to say hi! She says to check out her instagram: @telluridebella

Bella loves to help with our weekly Academic Support sessions!

With a face like this, what's not to love ~ One of our Rising Stars, Class of 2019, gals with Bella!

Bella helping students sign up for the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF)

It's hard not to smile when Bella's around ~

 A TMHS student in her AVID class!

Bella loves a good Olde Fashion Christmas at Schmid Ranch!

Bella representing Colorado College for Decision Day!

Bella is always a busy bee! Meeting with students, teachers and helping with academic support.

No matter where we are, Bella makes sure we're including all!

Bella loves our students, and our students love her!










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