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Inclusion is the act or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. Here at TRUE NORTH, we believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and discover their potential. We believe in saying 'yes' to include all students in our program! The inclusion specialist "torch", so to speak, has been passed down from Bella to our newest True North team member, Yoda

Yoda's Bio:

Yoda joined the True North family in August 0f 2020. He is excited to continue meeting students from all over our region and welcome them into the True North family. Yoda is named after the great jedi master, and therefor is the greatest teacher and mentor for all the other young jedis. He looks forward to sharing his wisdom and love with all those he encounters! Check out Yoda's many adventures on our social media and on his page, @coloradoyoda! 


Bella's Bio:

Bella never met a stranger. She was the epitome of inclusion. She showed us that there is no obstacle, no barrier, that we can't overcome! Bella was a part of the True North family since its beginnings, 5 years ago and will remain in our hearts forever.  She spent countless hours working with students, encouraging our youth and promoting True North.  Bella passed on to her next journey July 4th, 2019. She will always be a part of True North and has passed the inclusion specialist torch to Yoda! Rest well sweet Bella!

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