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True North Scholarship

The True North Scholarship recognizes the hard work of a student who has demonstrated success in holding a job, internship or apprenticeship. This scholarship is available to high school and home-schooled seniors graduating from Telluride, Norwood, or West End school districts who have been accepted for fall 2023 enrollment in an accredited college, university, trades, culinary, or career & technical school.

The amount to be awarded is a total of $4,000 to be disbursed over four years for students attending a four year college or $2,000 over two years for students attending a two year college, or $500 per semester for a shorter credential program. Consideration for this scholarship will be prioritized on financial need, holding a job, internship or apprenticeship and a high school GPA of 2.50 or higher.

Please type (not hand write) your application and submit it as a PDF.  Return the completed application via email to your high school guidance counselor before 5pm Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

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