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"All of the True North activities they do along the way help to strengthen their resume so when the time comes to apply for scholarships, they are truly a
well-rounded individual and a competitive candidate." - Daily Planet article 

Find Your True North

We start building student “resumes” that emphasize work history, community service, and academics when they are in the 8th grade, in order to set them up for success when it comes time to apply for college, trade school, or make a transition into the workforce.

“True North had a major impact on both of my daughters. We moved here four years ago and neither of my girls knew anyone. They quickly became involved in Rising Stars as a way to connect and network. Loren and others immediately hit it off with my girls. My girls have participated in several events since then including Base Camp, community clean ups, and food drives to name a few. True North has helped enable both of them to become part of the community and give back. I believe their impact will continue to help both my girls into life outside of school. Thanks True North!”
- Mariza Brimhall, 2021
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