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True North Academic Tutoring

Last night we celebrated the fellas who had shown up consistently for True North's Academic Tutoring program. True North initiated after-school academic tutoring because some kids were failing classes and others wanted to improve grades.

New Volunteer Suse Connolly (not pictured) has been instrumental in the success of this program.

Suse showed up consistently to the Monday after-school sessions and even brought her husband along to help with subjects he excels in. Suse in an attorney so she covered the English and reading, while Brian who is in finance, helped with the math and sciences.

Suse wanted to throw an end-of-school-year party to reward the guys for their hard work. She brought pizzas & home-made crème brûlée! The boys enjoyed learning how to brown the sugar on this variation of flan! Manolo, far right, announced: "True North tutoring helps your mind... next year let's do it twice a week! "

But before the party started, the boys waited patiently until Suse arrived to share their good news: they had all passed last week's finals, some had brought up their grades significantly.

One student reported: "Last semester I was failing math and now I almost have a B"

Daniel brought his grades up from F to C+

Betsy has known Daniel and his big brother Luis T. for over 8 years, she's proud of their successes! He said, Since graduation, Luis T. has held a full time job. True North is in the process of helping him obtain a drivers license. "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." True North applauds his perseverance.

"I don't know how I got above an A but my mom LOVES it!" said David, pictured middle.

Luis Silverado Flores, on the left, had celebrated his own great news at Senior Awards Night last week. Luis has been involved in True North activities for two years. His senior year, True North helped facilitate an apprenticeship withe Sante Architects, as well as worked with him on college applications. Last week at Senior Awards night, Luis was awarded four different college scholarships, totaling well over $64k. Luis said, "I can't believe this is actually happening to me. Hard work really does pay off!" Luis will be attending Colorado Mesa University this fall and taking his pre-requisites for architecture.

True North Academic Tutoring will pick up again next school year, and will include the 9th grade Rising Stars girls group on a separate afternoon. Please contact us to volunteer ###


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